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North Creek Nurseries

Where horticulture meets ecology…..


Lavender Phenomenal and Standing Ovation


Green Wall foundation…. 3 month old project.. mix plant design… idea to cheat a cooling effect on the side off buildings where sun hits concert by adding plants it creates a cooler area.


Anemore Cinderella and Anemone Nebuta 1year old in test garden


Physostegia virginiana ‘Miss Manners’


One of the amazing green houses


Echinacea and ‘Pixie splash’

The Begining!

10322782_10203856666726930_6996003128606424442_n Before


10325705_10203906929143459_7183158105181147202_n10320500_10203908464861851_8798448481366574876_n 10401931_10204012956514077_6221609752824235200_n 1536558_10204245789534757_5678035850728296309_n 10427234_10204183641381092_8236973556951553210_n

This is my first real garden living alone! I wanted to try everything from seed and organic.  I started with Organic Gardening Soil. Fish Fertilizer, Concrete Blocks (to make more room in a little space), Poultry net and Post,

Flowers Planted: Vigoro Geranium, Cardinal Climbers, Cosmos, Marigold, Zinnia, Mexican Sunflower, snow  storm giant snow flakes, Luscias Berry Blend, Roses assorted bush

Herbs and veggies: Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, Mint, Sage, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Garlic, Chives, Hot and Sweet Peppers, Tomato’s, Cucumber Beets, Carrots,Lettuce,Ginger and Squash

My on going exsperince as a avid gardener threw trial and tribulation!!